Would you like to improve the efficiency of your business?

Whether you have an existing plant, a great idea or want to investigate how automation can work for your business or home, RBE Automation can find a solution.

With many years spent across industries, from large timber and fruit processing plants, RBE Automation can draw upon this experience to provide a smart solution for your needs.

By combining our electrical and mechanical design capability, and using the quality product ranges from our partners, RBE Automation can complete any project, from minor alterations through to turnkey projects.

Automation has the power to positively impact your bottom line. That’s because automation brings the following benefits:
Faster production speeds
Improved efficiency
Improved quality of the end product
Increased productivity
Long term cost reduction

Plant Safety Solutions

With the recent changes to NZ Health and Safety legislation, its time to explore options to ensure new and existing machines will keep our workers safe.

At RBE Automation we use the Sick Safety range to provide a quality and reliable solution, from programmable controllers or simple relays through to sensors or light and laser curtains. To maintain exclusion zones and provide physical barriers, RBE Automation call upon the expertise of Axelent and their range of safety fencing products.

Any machine or process can be reviewed, and a solution can be tailored to reduce the risk of your plant and increase the safety of your staff.  It’s never too late to review if your plant is protecting your staff.

Industrial Automation Solutions

From large multi-processor plants to small self-contained machines, RBE Automation have experience in automating your project. Whether making your concept a reality or tuning your existing setup, RBE Automation use the powerful platforms from the Rockwell Suite, including RS 5, RS 500, Studio 5000 (formerly RS 5000) and Connected Components Workbench. If your looking for smart visuals, or an advanced operator interface, then the Allen Bradley Panelview or Schnieders Vijeo ranges will have the solution you need.

RBE Automation work with the industry leading partners to find the right platform for your project.



RBE Automation are not just experts in design and electrical engineering. We provide an end-to-end service and can manage and deliver on all of your electrical needs. With years of experience helping our clients with all kinds of electrical problems, you can be sure we can help you with any challenge you throw at us. We’ve also got a wide team of expert partners who we call on when we need their specific skills. The end result? We’re here to help, whatever your electrical need. Just call and tell us what you would like to get done.

RBE Automationwork with the industry leading partners to find the right platform for your project.


RBE Automation offers a complete Engineering service.

RBE Automation only deliver to the highest standards and we choose our partners and products with that in mind. Our partnerships with businesses like Axia Design, who support in providing mechanical engineering solutions, ensure that we can offer a seamless, exceptional service from the start to the completion of your project.


Keen to find out more? If you’ve got a process you want to automate, or even if you’re just investigating whether automation could work for you: contact RBE Automation and Electrical today.

RBE Automation and Electrical can design, install and service a smart solution for you.

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